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The Park City Connection

Nuzzles & Co., a wonderful rescue in Park City, Utah, has become a great resource for our rez dogs, largely thanks to the Navajo on their staff, Darrell McCurtain.They have taken five or six animals from us before, but July 11, a whopping 51 animals — dogs, cats, puppies and kittens — were transported from…
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Why a Rez Dog? By Lisa Burke

We have two rez dogs in our household here is Salt Lake City, Utah. Both were adopted from Blackhat Humane Society, although we got them four years apart. I found both dogs online through Blackhat’s website. The first dog we named Sandra  Day O’Connor, or Sandy, in honor of the retired Supreme Court justice. The  Second, Jack…
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Spock’s Story By Michaela Brady

It’s hard to believe that it has been over a year since I convinced a very young, scared, German Shepherd blonde beauty into my apartment. At first, Spock was very skittish and terrified of even my friendliest advances. After a few weeks, however, he slowly began to come out of his shell. Months went by, and even though Spock…
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The Rescue of Sunshine by Sharon Burns

It was cold. Really, really cold. A night in January-bound to be freezing. I had been making one of my runs to Gallup from Chinle for groceries, civilization, and the such. I ran into McDonalds before I lost my signal while I was speaking to my mom on the phone. My SUV was full of…
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