Stray Surrender Info

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Blackhat Humane Society accepts stray animals on a limited basis contingent on available foster homes. Any surrenders need to be approved directly with a member of the Blackhat Board before moving forward.

* Blackhat does not have an official shelter to house animals in. And as a small animal rescue organization, we may or may not have the ability or room to intake any cats or dogs at this time.

Blackhat Humane Society’s goals include fostering both abandoned and surrendered animals, acclimating them to family life, and providing the animals with much needed medical care — including spay/neuter. This process takes time, plenty of space, and dedicated Blackhat foster volunteers to do the best we can for all of our animals.

If you have found a stray dog or cat…

Immediately contact both the local authorities and shelters of the area.
The animal you have found may have been reported missing, or even may be reported soon. Let both the police and local shelters know that the animal is now in your possession.

If you are still thinking of surrendering a cat or dog to Blackhat Humane Society – please directly contact a board member by emailing or message Blackhat via Facebook Messenger. Include the reasons why you wish to surrender this animal as well as the animal type, approximate breed, approximate age, weight, and gender to the animal to the best of your ability.

Lost and Found Animals

Blackhat Humane Society adheres to a 5 day holding period for all stray animals brought into our care, as mandated by the Federal Pet Theft Prevention Act.

Animals who have exceeded the 5 day holding period become property of Blackhat Humane Society unless the below requirements are met:
– To claim an animal in the care of Blackhat Humane Society, proof of medical care and pictures are required.
– Responsible parties for claimed animals will be asked to pay a $5/day donation – This fee reimburses Blackhat Humane Society for the daily care of the animal.

For more information, please visit the following legal resources:  rights-and-obligations-regarding-companion-animal-ownership