Our Story

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Blackhat Humane Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 2000. 

We do not have a home office, and are completely supported by a network of volunteer foster families who home all of our dogs and cats. We specialize in rescuing and rehabilitating the over 200,000 abandoned and stray animals on the Navajo Nation.

We are one of the few pet rescue organizations on the Navajo reservation (an area roughly the size of West Virginia) and we are dedicated to finding forever homes for both the dogs and cats that have been abandoned on the Navajo Reservation.

Why do we do it?

The Navajo reservation has a tremendous problem with pet overpopulation.  

Parvovirus, distemper, mange, tick-borne diseases and untreated injuries are common in animals. Many animals here struggle to survive.  

Our goals as an organization include fostering abandoned and surrendered animals, acclimating them to family life, and providing the animals with restorative medical care, including spay/neuter and vaccinations. 

Once ready, adoptable animals are found their forever homes throughout the Four Corners area and beyond!

The Blackhat Board Members

​All board positions for BHS are 100% volunteer!  
Aside from rescue, our volunteers can be found teaching the Navajo and local youth, reporting for the Navajo Times, working for Indian Health Services, and more!

President: Cindy Yurth, Chinle AZ/Durango CO
Vice President: ​Linda Robinson, Dolores CO
Treasurer/Secretary: Margaret Gruschow, Cortez CO
Foster Coordinator: Sarah Groenwald, Chinle AZ
Member at Large: Maureen Bohler, Little Water NM
Fundraising Coordinator: Vacant

​Blackhat Humane Society
P.O. Box 3123
Durango, CO 81302 

E-mail: blackhathumane@gmail.com