Adoption Information

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We at Blackhat search for the best loving, supportive, stable, and committed homes for all of our dogs and cats. 

All Blackhat animals are fostered in loving homes where they are treated as family before they are put up for adoption.

All Blackhat animals are vaccinated, fixed, and work with their foster family on training

Proud Blackhat Humane Society Alumni

The Blackhat Adoption Process 

 1. Fill-out and submit an adoption application.
 2. Your application will be reviewed by a foster provider who will contact you regarding adoption status and ask for any other pertinent questions or information.   
3. If both parties are in agreement, they will set up a meet & greet with the animal in question. This may also include a home visit.
4. The foster provider will make the final determination based upon what they feel is best fit for the animal and the family involved. 
5. An adoption contract will be filled out and signed when the dog or cat goes to their new forever family.

Adoption Fees

Puppies (Under 6 months old): $200
Dogs (6 months – 4 years): $150
Dogs over 4 years and/or Special needs: $100

Cats: $35
Kittens: $85

*An additional fee of $50 is required for all animals that are not yet spayed/neutered due to age* 

This will be refunded once proof of surgery is received by Blackhat Humane Society.