Become A Blackhat Foster

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Blackhat Humane Society’s greatest need is more foster homes  

The benefit of fostering goes both ways! The time spent with these animals is tremendously rewarding. The adventures that each dog and cat can provide are full of joy, gratitude, and experiences that will enrich your life! When you foster, you save a life. You will enrich the life of that animal, and the family that takes them into their home forever.  

 If you are interested in fostering a pet, please fill out and submit the Foster Agreement & Application form and the Blackhat foster coordinator will be in touch to ask for any additional info, as well as to set up a home visit. 


The more foster homes we have, the more homeless pets Blackhat Humane can take in and re-home from the Navajo reservation! Blackhat Humane pays for food, supplies, and veterinary expenses for the foster animal.