Minion’s Story By The Carter Family

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Minion’s Story By The Carter Family

When Michelle and I began looking for a dog back in the summer, we both agreed there was more to it than finding our perfect pooch. We believed that special match comes when the dog chooses you as well.

We searched the internet, read the paper and met several great dogs. However, the connection wasn’t there. Then, we saw a listing from Blackhat. In that listing was a cute puppy with a one of a kind face… Minion. We went to meet her at PetSmart in Flagstaff and instantly fell in love with her. Better yet, Minion fell in love with us. While there, we were also informed that Minion would need major surgery to remove her back, left leg as the result of serious injury some time ago. What stuck with us was Minion’s personable and loving demeanor, even though she couldn’t use her injured leg.

After talking with our boys, we decided Minion was “the one”. It was decided to let Minion recover from surgery with her foster before coming home to us. Those four weeks seemed to drag on and on.

When the day came, we all rushed over to the adoption fair and saw Minion for the first time since surgery. She was as happy as ever! We were excited to get to bring her home.

She has been with us for nearly two months now. She quickly established herself as a part of our family. She continues to show her outgoing personality and loving character. She loves her boys and looks for them when they are not here. We love her being here. She is truly a member of our family.